CtObjects was founded by senior IT professionals with a focus on providing superior technical solutions.  Our staff has years of experience building applications for companies across various industries.  Additionally, members of our staff have participated in government initiatives such as the development of mission critical applications for defense and aerospace.  

CtObjects can work with businesses in almost any capacity such the development of company specific software applications, integration of disparate applications and legacy systems, and even small departmental solutions.

We utilize a flexible but risk-averse process that is designed around collaboration, understanding, and completeness.   Our process is designed such that we can identify problems early and provide solutions before the problems impact your project.   We understand that time is valuable and we strive to reduce bureaucracy while insuring that our customers and everyone involved have a complete understanding of the project and the work to be performed.


Our focus on customer success drives us to deliver quality, cost-effective solutions.  We partner with our customers; we make your business goals our own.

Today's business demands continue to increase the complexities within IT organizations.  At CtObjects, we strive to understand your business methods and how to quickly and effectively implement solutions that will increase your organization's competitive edge.  We work side-by-side with you to ensure that we deliver your requirements and achieve your objectives.

CtObjects delivers end-to-end business solutions including package evaluation and selection, custom application design and development, and the implementation of extensions like supply chain, customer relationship management, and business logistics. We leverage our highly skilled development team and partners across industries and applications, so that we can quickly deliver smart and innovative solutions.


Our managed services are designed to allow you to remain focused on your core business while we focus on your IT needs.  We provide support and assistance in whatever capacity you may require such as scheduled maintenance, problem identification and resolution, and support/helpdesk functions. 

Some of the services we offer are:

  • Administration and operations
  • Web content management
  • Web hosting and co-location management
  • Network infrastructure and capacity management
  • Disaster recovery and contingency

We view each business as unique.  Therefore, we will work with you to establish a service that is tailored to your requirements and with every effort to increase your efficiency and effectiveness.


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CtObjects, LLC

CtObjects is an independent software development company based in Florence, Alabama. CtObjects offers business application development and application integration solutions - specializing in e-commerce and supply chain management.